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Ceramic Window Tint – Is It Worth The Extra Cost?

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If you have been considering automotive window tint recently, you may have been introduced with ceramic window tint as a premium offering. While many choose to have their windows tinted for the looks that it provides their vehicle, others are looking for a bit more performance to go along with the looks. We want to discuss what additional benefits ceramic window tint offers as it compares to traditional tint. Moreover, we will address whether it is worth the extra cost.

First of all, let’s list out things that you can expect from window films at all price levels. The list of benefits below have been modified slightly but have been derived from an article in Autotrader.

Benefits of Nearly All Automotive Window Tint
  • UV protection – Window tint keeps nearly all ultraviolet light from your car. Blocking UVA and UVB rays helps protect your skin and helps prevent damage to your car’s interior. You can read more about this from The Skin Cancer Foundation by clicking HERE.
  • Less Glare – Darker tint shades reduce glare from the sun, snow, and headlights.
  • Added Privacy – Window tinting brings a layer of privacy by helping to conceal valuables inside the vehicle.
  • Aesthetics – Tinting is a way to customize your ride. Face it – dark car windows just look cool to many people.
  • Warranty – Most window tint manufacturers provide a warranty against bubbling, cracking, and peeling.

So, what are the benefits above and beyond these of ceramic window tint? Pulling from the same article in Autotrader, here are the additional attributes of a ceramic tint.

Enhanced Attributes of Ceramic Window Tint
  • Heat Reduction  – Ceramic particles in the film reject infrared rays to help keep the car’s interior cool. So, when compared to traditional window tint of the same darkness, the ceramic tint will offer much greater heat rejecting properties to keep your interior more comfortable.
  • Reduced Signal Interference – Ceramic window tint offers this added performance with a metal-free construction. As opposed to traditional films that block heat with metal layers, ceramic film do not interfere with signal clarity for cell phones and other electronics.
  • Aesthetics – Some traditional window films that utilize metal layers feature a reflective appearance. Some like this and others do not. As a result of ceramic tint containing no metal, it’s non-reflective which many view as being preferred and more “factory looking” in appearance.

While this article is discussing the benefits of ceramic window tint, we have mentioned “traditional” window tint. We found a great description of various other types of window films we would consider “traditional” in an article in MotorBiscuit that we wanted to share.

Types of Traditional Window Tint
  • Carbon tint: Carbon tint can protect the car’s interior from UV rays and provide some cooling effect, just not as much as ceramic. It also has a matte finish.
  • Metallic tint: Metallic tint is made from metallic particles and reflects heat away. Some drivers don’t like this type of tint due to its reflective appearance and ability to block cell phone signal.
  • Hybrid tint: A hybrid tint film is made from a combination of metallic and dyed film. It doesn’t have a reflective look and provides a darker appearance.
  • Dyed window tint: Dyed window tint is the cheapest of the bunch. It mainly darkens the car’s windows, but it provides some protection as well, just not as much as the others.

One final thing to keep in mind is what the laws pertaining to automotive tint are in your area. To view a handy guide to the various laws on vehicle window tinting, click HERE.

We hope this article gives you the information you need to determine if the premium benefits of ceramic window tint are for you. If you have questions about our services, contact us at (317) 541-TINT (8468) – Indianapolis, (317) 762-TINT (8468) or filling out a form here. We are your premier source for automotive window tint in the Indianapolis and Greenwood, Indiana area.

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